Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I've been spending the last two weeks visiting my brother. My niece requested my presence for Heritage Day. I also spent a lot of time with her brother on their family heritage. Along the way, we did a Google search on the Fosters and discovered that we are cousins of George Washington. I'm his 8th cousin, 8 times removed. That really delighted the kids. And I really love Google!

Update 12/3 - Futher perusal of the Bradley Foundation site indicates that I have a common ancestor with George W. Bush (#14497), John of Gaunt. Incidentally, John of Gaunt was also a direct ancestor of Isabel I (la Catolica) Reina de Castille (AKA Queen Isabella of Christopher Columbus fame). This family tree includes such varied characters as Marc Antony (#1) & Cleopatra to Princess Di. It's a hoot! And it really shows how families change over the generations. My closest relative is Benjamin Foster (#6900). I wonder how all those Old Europeans will deal with the news Dubya is a descendant of Charlemagne!


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