Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dan Rathergate

While I was gone, Dan Rather announced his retirement from the Evening News. However, we're still waiting for the report on his use of forged documents. Just before I left, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Texas Air National Guard seeking to verify General Hodges' statement that in 1967 the TANG was advertising for pilots. I should know in a few weeks if they can document the claim. If so, the whole house of cards collapses. Like Holmes' dog that did not bark, there is no witness who claimed he lost his spot in the TANG to George W. Bush due to the use of political influence. It seems any use of influence was unnecessary as no one else wanted the job! What will Dan and Mary Mapes say then?

On a somewhat related matter, I will admit I was a bit surprised to hear Lowell Bergmann (a former 60 Minutes producer) state that his most important influence was Herbert Marcuse during his The Insider lecture tour. If my memory serves, Mr. Marcuse was a noted Communist philosopher! Maybe 60 Minutes really is a hotbed of very leftist sympathizers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, MachiasPrivateer!

I found you at last - hee hee!

Have you written a time-line somewhere on this? Just so I can understand the significance of Hodges vs. Barnes' claims, etc.?

A bright poster called "Kathleen" early on in the Rathergate pajama party discovered that Barnes contradicted himself on the exact time that he supposedly pulled strings. I'll just copy it for you here, hopefully the links still work.

Regards, BR


The following was posted by "Kathleen" on 9/12/04 12:09 PM at Ace of Spades HQ site ( at - comments

"Ben Barnes claims that while he was Lt. Governor he helped "pull strings" to get Bush into the Texas Air National Guard.

According to the Texas Archives and Barnes' own bio, he was sworn in as Lt. Governor on Jan. 21, 1969.

But Bush enlisted in the TANG on May 27, 1968. Preston Smith was Lt. Governor at that time, not Barnes who had not even been elected to the office yet.

Why would Barnes, as Lt. Governor, be needed to help Bush who had already been in the TANG for 8 months before Barnes even took office?

Why is no one in the media picking up on this fact, proving Barnes is a liar about being asked to help Bush?

Lt. Governors of Texas:

Barnes' bio:

Ben Barnes video claiming he pulled strings for Bush WHILE he was Lt. Governor.

Bush enlistment date: (using CBS itself for this one but there are many) "

Posted by Kathleen at September 12, 2004 12:09 PM

I've left her links in non-HTML form, so the originals can be seen.
Since she did such thorough research and seemed anxious for the MSM to report this, in the following days I myself e-mailed it to 3 places for her.

SENT TO HANNITY at KABC 790 9/14/04

I haven't seen it reported anywhere yet.

4:21 PM  

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