Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nobel Prize for Joan Rivers

The coincidence of the report that Americans are delaying marriage and a column by Debra Pickett have reminded me that I ought to nominate Joan Rivers for a Nobel Prize in social anthropology for her brilliant description of the Modern American Princess through it’s sub-species the Jewish American Princess. Clearly, you do not have to be Jewish to be an American Princess. Indeed, Halle Berry starred in the movie BAPS about Black American Princesses. And there is the male analog, the Modern American Princeling with various sub-species such as the Metrosexual. As long as these types are ascendant, marriages will continue to be delayed. Debra provides an example in her Chalupa column. Since she once included some of my comments in her column, perhaps she’ll take this additional bit of advice. When The Boyfriend orders, simply display your team spirit by adding con brio “and two cannolis!” Maybe then he’ll start to think about becoming The Husband.


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