Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sprinkler Update - Daley versus Stroger

Saw Mayor Daley and Cook County Board Chairman John Stroger on the TV news discussing the committee decision to not require sprinklers in high-rise residential buildings built before 1975. Mayor Daley defending the decision. Chairman Stroger inclining toward requiring sprinklers. Once again Mayor Daley has separated himself from the Democratic Party, which is under the sway of the trial lawyers. But he is searching for a way to score a clear cut win against the touchy-feely inclinations of a public not required to pay for the solution. He suggested that someone from a great technical institution such as MIT might invent a better solution.
No need for that Mayor Daley. What is needed is faith in the individual. Such an individual, who accepts personal responsibility for his own safety, will find the tool needed has already been invented. It is called a fire extinguisher. If a fire breaks out, fight it yourself. Fires killed quickly are best. But if that is not practical; close the door, call 911, alert the neighbors and evacuate. You should be able to accomplish most of this before the first fire truck arrives. And you’ve made the job of the firefighters easier. Keep your wits and do your part. Total cost to each homeowner for two fire extinguishers will be less than $20. That’s affordable.


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