Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Her name has been popping up everywhere for the dumb things she's been saying. So in the spirit of tough love it's time for an intervention. Wonkette, you need to aim MUCH HIGHER.

Top 10 Reasons To Vote for Wonkette for Idiotarian of the Year (The Fiskie)

10) She played a central part in the exit poll attempt to undermine the American Presidential election.
9) She’s a Democrat. They desperately need to win a nationwide election.
8) She is a card carrying Inside-The-Beltway MSM media favorite.
7) She’s a full fledged member of the Blogosphere.
6) She’s a shoo-in in the Idiotarian Beauty Pageant.
5) She’ll serve as the inspiration for more blonde jokes to use on her whole alphabet of sisters (Anna Nicole, Britney, Christina …).
4) She’s a Paris Hilton Wannabee.
3) She’s certain to accept a congratulatory drink.
2) Once you’ve got her drinking, you could get lucky.
1) That means she’s the only candidate where the average voter has a chance of seeing a return on his vote!


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