Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Blood On CBS's Hands

Three posts ago, I got this comment

Lee said...

I could have sworn that 60 minutes (maybe it was someone else) figured out the problem with the Audi's. It was the placement of the brake/accelerator. It had to do with the angle of the driver to the accelerator. In the Audi's it was moved significantly to the left because of the design of the car. Therefore people were more prone in Audi's to mistake the accelerator for the brake. Another vehicle has a similar placement and it had reports of the same thing.Of course this is all from memory. So take it lightly.Also...digging up stories from 20 years ago??!?! Must be a slow blog cycle. Lol”

I would commend to his attention these previous posts (Lee - Sloth is a deadly sin!)

Reckless Disregard For Truth
Cold Case - 60 Minutes & Sudden Acceleration

None of this has slowed down the ambulance chasers Center for Auto Safety. What we have seen is a nearly twenty year cover up of a libelous report that the others in the MSM repeated and hence became willing accomplices! Every year, the number of Americans who die in such accidents adds to the total of lives that could have been saved by someone in the MSM speaking the truth! But they all live in glass houses and none would be first to throw a stone!

Update 1/24/05 PM 1:51 PM - The Drudge Report states “ROLL CALL reports how Stahl made a point of clarifying to the gathered congressmen that she works for the Sunday 60 MINUTES - not the shamed Wednesday night 60 MINUTES II that aired Dan Rather's now-infamous Bush report.”
Well Leslie, how do you explain the blood on the hands of SUNDAY 60 MINUTES?


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