Saturday, January 15, 2005

Eternal Graduate Students

Today’s Chicago Sun-Times has an article on President Bush increasing Pell Grants by $100 per year. Of course, that is NOT ENOUGH!

“Kiely Fletcher, associate financial aid director at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said the money "is a small Band-Aid trying to cover a gaping wound.''

I’m with Wayne Albro who wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal on 1/11/05 stating in part

“If a student who has just graduated from a college of engineering or science does not recognize he has just wasted four or five years picking up a few points in his profession and wants to continue for his masters and doctors, he either is planning to teach the subject or seek a future in which he must overwhelm ignorant authorities with certificates of "higher education."
Progress in technical development is not furthered by Ph.D.s or M.S.s but by intelligent people, who, in spite of (not because of) formal education, are thinkers and doers. Intelligent investors will be looking for companies that have hired and nurtured such men and women.
The secrets of science are revealed for all who seek them. The ubiquity of print and the Internet has rendered the priesthood of science obsolete. All of which portends an exciting future for this country when the real capability of our truly intelligent men and women is honored by the country.”

OOOH That’s Good!


Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

That is very good indeed!

The fact is, the price of an education has gone up precisely BECAUSE of all the government money pumped into the system; student aid has artificially inflated tuitions. It has made it possible for any high school graduate to attend college (since it doesn`t cost him personally) which raises demand-thus limiting supply leading to price increases. Also, government money allows these Universities to fund all the crazy leftist b.s. like environmental feminist studies (I`m not making this up; the former head of the history department at Saint Louis University billed herself as a scholar in THAT!) Without the massive infusion of taxpayer dollars schools would emphasize actual education, and would keep their tuitions low enough for students to afford to pay their own way.

Love your blog! (I wish I knew how you come up with so MUCH of it; I manage to scribble one or two essays a week worth reading while you pump out masterpieces daily!) If I ever figure out how to blogroll I`ll have you at the top of my list!

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