Friday, January 14, 2005

Attaining Victory in a Democratic Revolution

If your goal is victory, wouldn't it make sense to study previous victories? So here is a question. What was the first unalloyed victory of the American Revolution? The first of the first, if you will.
Lexington 4/19/1775? - The Americans retreated.
Concord 4/19/1775? - The Americans repulsed the British advance, but the final result was to go back to the status quo.
Bunker Hill 6/17/1775? - The Americans were winning until they ran out of ammunition and had to retreat leaving the British in control of both Bunker and Breed's Hills.
So what was the first victory on 6/12/1775? It took place Down East at a little lumbering town. Click the header to read about it. (Hint - Now you know where the inspiration for this blog came from!)
Update 1/14/05 5:07 PM - Added dates. Note that George Washington was appointed to command the militia by the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia on 6/15/1775 a day after the report of the capture of the Margaretta was dispatched to Cambridge. Washington arrived in Cambridge to take command of the militia on 7/3/1775. (As an aside, his arrival came about the time of the second victory of the Revolution. Any guesses? It was the capture of armed schooner Diligence (AKA Diligent) and her tender Tapnaquish, another feat of arms performed by the men of Machias!


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