Thursday, January 13, 2005

Memo To Maureen Dowd

I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about Maureen Dowd’s depression about her love life. He said many cogent things, but Maureen is a New Yawker! So to help her, let me quote a prominent New York based expert. Here is a quote from Balanchine's New Complete Stories of the Great Ballets (George Balanchine) page 470.

“…a pas de deux is always a romance. The man is tender and admiring as he lifts the woman and supports her in order to display her beauty, while she, in her reliance on his strength and assurance, admires him in return.”

So Maureen, does that describe your attitude or are you a Modern American Princess? My guess is PRINCESS! In which case you’ll find men’s attitudes are like those of the Frog King in a old Wall Street Journal cartoon by Schochet “I think I’ll stay here in the bog. It’s more fun catching flies than trying to live with a princess.”
P.S. After threatening to "rip off Frosty the Snowman's face" he puts a buck in the jukebox and sends you this song with love...
"You told me love was so plebian...
You told me you were through with me and..
Now you say you love me...
You cried the long night through..
Well you can cry me a river,
cry me a river...
I cried a river over you"
Update 1/13/05 7:09 PM - Link to El Rushbo transcript. Added to lyrics.


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