Saturday, January 15, 2005

The French Look In The Mirror

It seems that the government TV Channel 2 in France has had enough of the humiliation due that nation for its non-response to the tsunami (click the heading above). But the priceless part is the curriculum vitae of their Defense Minister. It seems she is a career politician whose undergraduate degree is in ethnology! Wow!! I'm impressed! Of course our poor Rummy was only a Navy pilot! Quelle domage!
Update 1/15/05 - 9:06 PM - Looking at the most recent chart of our deployment, it is evident that we are consolidating resources at two points; Banda Aceh, Indonesia & Galle, Sri Lanka. This is further confirmation that native forces are making significant inroads in providing relief to their own people. So the projection that outside military forces won't be needed after three months seems to be more certain. The French are in danger of missing the party altogether!
Update 1/15/05 - 9:40 PM Wolfowitz says we're ready to leave ASAP. Once the native forces have things in hand, we're outta here!


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