Sunday, January 16, 2005

Paparazzi Prize Patrol

Kevin Craver of has a report that the three CBS News Execs invited to resign (click above) have not left the building! That means an "Elvis" sighting of Besty West et. al could take place at West 57th! Wouldn't that please those with "Enquiring Minds"! And the Paparazzi could get the pictures at a time of day when the hottest celebs (e.g. Paris Hilton) are inaccessible, so they could get two sets of pics in one day! It seems they might be holding out for a hush money payoff! Mary Mapes was reportedly holding out for a "buyout" of over $12-14 million. Let's see, these three are even bigger which means the total for all four is over 10% of quarterly profits for Viacom, which in turn makes the hush money "material" for SEC purposes and therefore must be publicly disclosed!
Ooh la la! If Viacom profits are declining as its reputation sinks, the box Sumner Redstone is in gets even smaller! And if public outrage (e.g. after seeing the paparazzi pics in the Enquirer) leads to further loss of revenue, he is in real trouble with his stock sales (i.e. insider trading).


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