Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dan Bartlett Is No Litigator!

Dan Bartlett appeared on today's Fox News Sunday and was offered a chance to characterize Dan Rather's continued assertion that the substance of the Mary Mapes/Dan Rather TANG story on 60 Minutes Wednesday is true! Mr. Bartlett answered the question quite cautiously, in the manner of a lawyer. What the situation offered was a chance to answer eloquently, in the manner of a litigator. What he should have said was...
"In a court of law, Mr. Rather's obstinance would be just what is needed to cross the threshold of "reckless disregard for the truth'."
They then had a debate with Dick Durban (D-IL). In my humble opinion he is a MOONBAT!
Mara Liasson then offered her opinion that Social Security reform wouldn't be viable because she did not see that individuals would see an immediate return in this era of instant gratification. That is why I would suggest that individuals be allowed to use their retained private contributions to prepay (and therefore reduce) their monthly mortgage payments. They get a positive reinforcement every month!
Ed Note - updated online as the show progressed.
Update 1/16/05 10:09 AM - Bartlett is on Meet the Press and missed another opportunity. Russert asked about not finding WMDs while acknowledging that nuclear weapons were a major part of the plan. Not finding finished nuclear weapons in Iraq is a GOOD THING and was the SUBSTANCE of a "GATHERING THREAT"!
Update 1/16/05 11:08 AM - Rahm Emanuel on Meet the Press made the point that Bush could accomplish something in his second term because we made progress in Clinton's second term. Well Rahm, would that be "The Contract With America" or Clinton's impeachment?
Watching Chris Mathews - This is a more ingrown group than the denizens of Deliverance! At least that kid could play the banjo!


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